Pirate playtime for brainy buccaneers
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Pirate Ship
Rubber Duck

About BubbleBeard

Your little pirate will feel like a true swashbuckler as they develop their mind and motor skills. Kids will dress up their own unique pirate and custom pirate ship while sailing their way through fun and educational challenges.


  • Sea Battles & Ship Races
  • Puzzles & Tangrams
  • Mazes & Connect-the-dots
  • Memory & Matching Games
  • Hidden Objects & Treasure Maps
  • Pirate and Ship Customization

Put on your BubbleBeard and prepare to sail the Soapy Seas!

I  started creating the game for my then 4 year old son, a pirate fanatic who was just beginning to learn to play simple games on our touch devices. I wanted a game for him that would exercise his mind, have simple controls, and recreate some of the pure, elemental fun I saw him having as he played with his pirate ships in the bathtub. He and his little brother have been excellent co-designers and play-testers!

I hope you and your little pirate have fun playing!

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